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Get the time and freedom YOU want by building an even more successful roofing business.
"If you're a roofing contractor, how can you afford not to attend this event? What you learn here and how you adapt it to your business can make you multiples of what you might make today."
Brian Kaskavalciyan
Founder & Lead Marketing Strategist
gFour Marketing Group
Coral Gables, FL
Speaker & Author of "How to Double Your Profits in Six Months or Less"
"What I liked best about the roofing conference was the overall knowledge and the tips about running your business. We were really thrilled with this conference and we came out of it with a really good experience."
Mario Famada
President & Lead Estimator
City Roofing Inc.
Miami, FL
"What I like best is the opportunity to meet other people in our industry, to understand more about the products and to learn about other forms of marketing that can be a game-changer for our business."
Luis Lozano
Operations Manager
Coda Roofing Inc.
Miami, FL
"A lot of our contractors really want to get into the metal roofing business and this is a great opportunity for them to see how it can benefit their business. We're telling everybody that they need to be here!"
Sabrina Underwood
Metal Specialist
ABC Supply Co. Inc.
Orlando, FL
"The biggest benefit for roofing contractors who attend is seeing how metal roofing can help them make more money in their business. Everybody can benefit from this Conference. From Ownership to Sales to the Installers. I will absolutely be coming back for the next Metal Roofing Conference."
Mike Weis
Regional Manager
Petersen Aluminum
Atlanta, GA
"What I like best is the amount of people that were actually here, the mix or contractors, manufacturers and sales specialists. It's a good group of people and a lot of information that's available. As soon as I walked in I saw how professional it looked, the whole set up, I was pretty impressed."
Alex Tigera
Roofing Product Control Examiner
Miami-Dade County Product Control
Miami, FL
"What I liked best about the conference really was the networking. Speaking with the other contractors and getting some ideas. Learning what's going on in the market and what everybody else is doing, that's the biggest benefit."
Isaac Perez
Panda Roof
Vero Beach, FL
"The best thing about the metal roofing conference was the moment when the gentleman was speaking about all the different sales pitches and sales tactics. The three conferences that we've come to have kept us on our toes. They've been very good, very knowledgeable."
Marcos Romero
President / Owner
Romero Roofing
Miami, FL
"I was looking for the golden nugget. I know that in events like this there's always information that you don't know. They pretty much give you the tools to increase your business and to do your marketing a little better. I was looking for that type of information and it went well."
Joel Bustos
Dakoma Roofing
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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